General Information & Clubhouse Pictures

TREA (The Enlisted Association) was founded in Colorado Springs in February 1963 to protect the rights of enlisted retirees. It soon became a national organization and was chartered by the U.S. Congress in 1992. Nationally, TREA now has over 90,000 members and its Auxiliary has over 13,000. Chapter 1 has over 1,300 members and its Auxiliary has approximately 300 members.

Community Involvement

Chapter 1 and its Auxiliary are committed to assisting the local community through donations of thousands of dollars annually to local charities which provided assistance to handicapped senior citizens, disadvantage children, disabled or hospitalized veterans, and man other worthy causes. Many of our members donate their own time to community projects and we participate in many civic events such as parades, etc.

Benefits of Membership

You and your dependents can take advantage of a wide variety of services and activities offered by Chapter 1. A TREA membership will permit your and your family to become involved in the only organization dedicated exclusively to the preservation of benefits of enlisted retirees.

Scholarship Programs

Chapter 1 and its Auxiliary have separate scholarship programs for the children and grandchildren of all members (not available to sponsored members).

Clubhouse Facilities


This portion of the webpage will be updated as soon as new facilities are secured.


Our meeting rooms can accommodate groups of 20-40 people, our Ballroom can seat as many as 500 people. TREA has the ability to support such events with audio and video systems which are capable of internet streaming, Powerpoint/Computer Video presentations on both screen and large plasma wall displays, with live microphones, radio and CD player input to the PA system. TREA Chapter 1’s Kitchen and Lounge provide rental events with a variety of foods from finger foods to formal sit-down meals as well as a complete party bar service. The Chapter offers its members special discounted rates for the rental of the Ballroom and Meeting Rooms.


Annual Picnic

The Chapter holds a Barbeque picnic for its members each year. We provide food and entertainment for the entire family. In addition to the picnic, we hold many dinners, dances, and events for members throughout the year.

Chapter Newsletter

The “Chapter 1 News” is published monthly to keep the membership informed of upcoming activities, specials, membership meetings, legislative issues and general information of interest to active duty, reserve component and armed forces retirees. The newsletter is emailed to those having registered their email addresses with the chapter, posted on this website, and are available for pickup at the Chapter Office.

Other Chapter Activities

Chapter 1 Auxiliary

All spouses, widows and widowers of enlisted retirees are eligible to join the Auxiliary. The Auxiliary supports and compliments the goals and activities of the chapter, including the promotion of civic and social welfare among the populace. They also volunteer their time, energy and talent in support of the Red Cross Homeless Shelter, Silver Key, Hospice, Ecumenical Social Ministries and countless other charitable causes. They operate a separate scholarship, program for the children and grandchildren of their members, and generate their own funds from bingo and snack bar operations.

Sound Interesting?

In addition to the above-listed benefits, there are numerous benefits offered by TREA national which include, national scholarships; CHAMPUS and Medicare supplements; life, dental, hospital and long term care insurance; and automobile and homeowners insurance. TREA national also offers discounts on car rentals, auto repairs and long distance telephone service, etc., etc.

Let Your Voice Be Heard With TREA

When enlisted retirees speak, TREA listens – and takes action. TREA is headquartered in Aurora, Colorado but maintains a Legislative Affairs Office in Washington D.C., where is has, for many years, exclusively represented the interests of career active duty and retired enlisted personnel of all the armed forces.

You have defended America…

Now work with TREA to defend you and other veterans.

Facilities, including hospitals that most retirees were counting on for medical care are being closed…

…cost of living adjustments (and your livelihood) are constantly being threatened…

…the defense budget is being drastically slashed, and your entitlements are being eyed for more and more cutbacks. Now, more than ever, you need TREA to protect the hard earned benefits that many politicians in Washington would like to take away from you and your family.

If TREA is to protect the hard earned retirement benefits that you were promised throughout your career, it needs your support.

As a retiree or career enlisted member of the armed forces, TREA represents you before the Congress of the United States…

…on Capitol Hill, numbers (of voters) are about the only thing that counts. The fact is, the larger our membership, the more politicians pay attention to what we say…

…the more members TREA has, the more services, benefits, and savings it can provide for its members.

Doesn’t it make sense to join and support an organization that is dedicated to the preservation of your benefits? You can make your voice heard along with thousands of other members by joining TREA and supporting its aims and objectives- the preservation of earned benefits for military retirees.

How do I join TREA?

Simply stop by our Chapter 1 office at 834 Emory Circle, Tuesday through Friday, between 8:00 A.M. and 3:00 P.M and fill out a brief application. Applications are also available in the Chapter 1 Lounge and can be completed and presented to the on-duty server. For more information, call the Chapter 1 office at 596-0927.

Member Qualifications

Regular Membership: Must be an enlisted veteran who has received an honorable discharge for length of service or permanent medical disability from an active or reserve component of the armed forces. “Gray Area” reserve and NG members must have completed all requirements and must have been transferred to the retired list.

Active Military Membership: Must be an enlisted person serving on active duty or in a reserve component who has completed 10 or more years of retirement creditable service.

Associate Membership: Must be the (un remarried) widow or widower of deceased enlisted enlisted retiree or a person who has eligible for “regular” or “active military membership at time of demise. Widows and Widowers have a choice of joining either the chapter or its auxiliary.

Sponsored Membership: Must be an honorably discharged veteran of good character; an active duty or reserve component enlisted person with less than 10 years service; or an active duty or retired officer or warrant officer. Must be sponsored by a “regular” or “active military” member and must attach proof of eligibility (i.e., DD 214 etc.) to application. Sponsored members can utilize chapter facilities but scholarships and or TREA programs are not available.

Chapter Location and Phone Numbers

The Retired Enlisted Association – Chapter 1

Currently Searching for a New HOME!

Colorado Springs, CO

Chapter Office ………. (719) 596-0927

Club Manager…………..(719) 596-5065

Business Office………. (719) 596-5065

Fax Machine………..…. (719) 570-7363

Lounge (Bar)……………(719) 596-2880

Bingo Hall…………….….(719) 596-5068